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Over 30 years of family owned values, honesty, and expertise.

     Art and Jane Brett started Brett Interiors furniture companies in 1981 with a vision of a furniture store that really cared about its customers.  Providing  truly better quality furniture and selling it at a lower price was and always will be our first priority.  Art and Jane Brett would not put anything in their store they would not own themselves and most importantly would not carry low quality furniture.  Art was known for taking customers to his own home to show them his furniture.  Art made many friends  with his customers, because he simply cared.  
In 2004 Art handed the reigns over his oldest son, Joshua Brett, who continues the
Brett Interiors tradition of quality, honesty, and family owned values.  We are not your typical furniture store. We care about you!  The recliner store is a continuation of our expertise in furniture quality.

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